Wills & Estates

Wills & Trusts Formation and Litigation.  There is no reason why your family and friends should not be provided for in the event you pass away.  In order to make sure they are, please let us help you create a will that reflects your wishes and takes care of your loved ones.  Because we have experience in not only creating wills, but also in probate and administration of wills, our attorneys can foresee the prospective issues and make certain your will is sound and solidifies your interests from the outset.


Probate.  When a loved one passes away it is already strenuous without the added burden of administering the estate.  You will want a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to whom you can entrust the arduous task of probating a will.  Probate is a legal process that includes:

  • proving in court that a deceased person’s will is valid
  • identifying and inventorying the deceased person’s property
  • having the property appraised
  • paying debts and taxes, and
  • distributing the remaining property as the will (or state law, if there’s no will) directs

We have guided many clients through this lengthy process.  If you are in need of legal assistance at any point in this process or are unsure if you can handle these tasks by yourself, please contact our office to discuss how we can help.