General Litigation

Personal Injury Claims.  Sometimes unfortunate events occur-a distracted driver causes an accident, a slippery floor precipitates a dangerous fall.   Suddenly, you are seriously hurt and forced to incur mounting medical bills.   When these things happen, it is important to know that you have someone to represent your legal and financial interests, as well as your well-being.  At Dillon & Midkiff you will have an attorney to meet with you one-on-one and a staff to ensure you are informed of and comfortable with the progress of your case.


Contract Disputes.  Contracts are a necessity and make up our professional relationships.  Thus, when one is in dispute, you will need a knowledgeable and tactful attorney to guide you to a resolution, whether it be a judgment or settlement.  Our attorneys have over ten years of experience in getting clients what they are owed without pulling them away from their work or business.


Mechanic’s and Storage Liens.  When you have outstanding, unpaid work or an abandoned vehicle in your facility, it may be necessary for you to file a mechanic’s or storage lien to secure the debt.  By statute, there are several requirements for filing a lien, so it is essential that you understand the law when you file.  Over the years, we have filed liens for many of our clients and can help you do the same.

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